Landing at Automattic (2/3) – The interview

This is a series of blog posts: How did I ended up sending a CV Interview Process at Automattic (current post) My first 45 days at Automattic How Automattic gets to know their future employees? During Covid-19 everyone is familiar with zoom video calls. Anyone would expect that a swift zoom video call between the […]

My one “year without pants” retrospective

Inspired by the book The Year Without Pants: and the Future of Work! Covid-19 forced most of us to work from home, since March 19, 2021 there has been 1 year during of which I worked from home. Well, that is not exactly true. In fact I worked from anywhere I wanted 😜! How […]

What is the architecture behind a WordPress Multisite installation

Before joining Automattic, the company I worked for had a CMS with multisite capabilities. Generally, the database contained the same number of tables regardless the amount of sites created. There was a table Sites and most of the rest of the tables had also a cross reference table eg Products and SiteProducts. Since all the […]

Nothing can stop you – only death can.

We have just been notified that our good and beloved friend Ioanna died out of the blue. The circumstances don’t matter, they never do. It’s just an excuse to ourselves so we can maybe accept it. You have to feel happy and thankful that you are alive every single day. Take strength from that fact […]

Landing at Automattic (1/3)

My trip to Automattic started while searching for the best remote workplaces before COVID-19 was even a thing, back in January 2020! My findings included several remote workplaces but most of them were not distributed, meaning that only 2-3 would let you work from anywhere. This will be a series of blog posts: How did […]

Creating a blog

These are the first lines written in a blog that was created in ~ 10mins with! FOR FREE! DIY (Do It Yourself): Go to Click Start your Website Create an account (I just continued with Google) Select your domain. Free domains are ending with , eg . If you need to […]

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